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Our Tours

Sydney Oyster Farm Tours guides people through our operating Broken Bay oyster farm for an authentic oyster farm experience. Customers get to meet second and third generation oyster farmers, visit the oyster leases on the Hawkesbury River, and taste the famous Broken Bay Oysters.

Sydney Oyster Farm Tours offers an authentic tour of our Broken Bay oyster farm, on the Hawkesbury River at Mooney Mooney, 45 minutes north of Sydney's CBD. Our tours deliver a truly knowledgeable and authentic travel experience, all promising that added personal touch. Take a look at the tour descriptions and get in touch if you would like to learn how you can book a tour with us today.

Our family owned and run oyster farm

Our family run oyster farm has been supplying oysters to the Sydney market for over 15 years. Our farm is situated on the pristine waters of the Hawkesbury River, only a 45 minute drive from Sydney's CBD.  Come behind the scenes and taste the freshest oysters of your life, from our farm-gate to your plate!

Did you know oyster farming is considered one of the most sustainable types of farming compared to other forms of aquaculture as they have a very minimal burden on the environment. This is because oysters draw their nutrients directly from the environment and require no additional feeding therefore it is extremely clean and less impactful on the surrounding ecosystem. 

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